Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well preparing for the Holidays. I just wanted to pass on some timely info.  I LOVE listening to audio podcasts and watching video podcasts. If you’ve never listened to a podcast you’re missing out on an entire world of fantastic and free content that could entertain, educate or enlighten you. Seriously, there is no end to the subject areas covered in today’s podcasts.

So…that said, I have some pretty exciting news!  Honestly, it’s more “personally” exciting than “business” exciting.  See, I am co-hosting a new podcast with my husband Dan called the “Simple Life Together” show. In it, we discuss ways we simplify our lives together and as a family.  Of course, I hit all the organizing subjects…Dan hits many different “tech” subjects, and together we cover the many facets of simplicity. The show lasts under an hour and in it, we each bring up a main topic and discuss that. Then we each discuss one thing that effected us since the last show.  It could be an app, something we saw, an article we read…whatever. I gotta tell you, we have such a blast recording the episodes that I think we’d keep producing them even if we knew no one was listening!  But, trust me, I’m sure you’ll be able to find some great tips in each show. Oh, and I guarantee you’ll get a few laughs out of each episode, too!  Either with us, or at us!

We’ve released four episodes so far and you can find them in iTunes from your PC, Mac or iOS device, in the Blackberry podcast store, on the new Windows 8 phone with the native podcast app or iTunes. You can also listen to the episode right on the show’s website at SimpleLifeTogether.com. I’ll also be releasing some info on the blog there too that will be exclusive just for those that subscribe for updates to SimpleLifeTogether.com. Of course, it’s free and easy.

Here are links to the first four episodes that you can listen to right on the website, We hope you enjoy the show and consider subscribing.  We’re still finding our voices but we think this is gonna be fun!

To subscribe for email updates that include blog posts, you can click this link or go to SimpleLifeTogether.com and click on the “Updates By Email” icon in the left sidebar.

To subscribe directly to just the podcast in iTunes you can click this link or go to SimpleLifeTogether.com and click on the “Subscribe in iTunes” icon in the left sidebar.

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