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Hi!  I’m Vanessa Hayes of Get Simplifized…your Professional Organizer in San Antonio, Texas.  I started Get Simplifized! to help others live a life that’s more simplified and organized…hence the name Get Simplifized!  We’re ready to help you, too!

When it comes to organizing, chances are you fall into one of these categories:

You love all things organizing and can’t get enough of cool organizing tips and products.


You’ve struggled with being organized your entire life and are looking for ways to get organized and simplify your life.


Maybe you’re a fairly organized person but you’ve hit a bump in the road or struggle in a particular area of your life and just need a little motivation and education to get you back on track.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Get Simplifized is a professional hands-on organizing service where we can work with you one-on-one or in bigger teams to help you get organized.  Whether you just want your kitchen or closets reorganized or your entire home prepped for a move or to sell…we’re here to help.

Plus, the Get Simplifized! website is a FREE resource that gives you:

  • Tons of tips on how to simplify and organize your life
  • Written articles and quick tip videos covering:
    • How to organize your home and office
    • How to organize kids
    • How to better manage your time
    • Lots of other helpful “stuff”

So take a look around the site!  You can get all of our latest articles and videos right in your inbox.  Just click on the “Subscribe by Email” icon on the right side of the page.  We’ll send you all our latest and greatest info.  Email spam is just digital clutter, so we promise you won’t get any spam from us and we won’t share your info with anyone!

Like you, I know how crazy life can be. Getting and staying organized can be a challenge.  Everybody is busy these days, but there’s hope.  Get Simplifized! has helped all sorts of people;  singles, moms, busy professionals… even Fortune 10 and Fortune 15 CEOs simplify and organize their lives!  And we can help you too!

So if you’re trying find a Professional Organizer in the San Antonio, Texas area, give me a call at 210-692-4063  or email me at Vanessa@GetSimplifized.com.

Virtual Organizing and Consultation Service

No matter where you are, I can help you through my virtual consultation service over the phone, over Skype or on FaceTime! Maybe you have an organizing project coming up and you want some advice?  Maybe you have some ideas on how to be more productive and want to bounce your ideas off a professional, but still do it yourself?  My virtual consultation service is a great way to go!  All you need to get started is to click my Virtual Organizing and Consultation Link. I’ll contact you and we can schedule a time that works best for both of us!  How cool is that?

Isn’t it time you simplified and organized your life?

Still want to know more?  Seriously?  OK, I guess you can check out my TMI Page

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