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So, you’re interested in some Virtual Organizing or just running some ideas by a Professional Organizer before you begin an organizing project?  You’re smart! Most people don’t hesitate to consult a contractor or an architect before they start a renovation, but the really smart ones call Get Simplifized, too!

Even with smaller organizing projects many people rush out and get a bunch of products that they don’t need. Let’s face it, staying organized and productive in today’s consumer driven world is tough!  Many “so called” organizing products today sell a bunch of false hope and just end up as clutter that either makes the situation worse or don’t do what they promise.  Before you spend money on any organizing products, invest some time talking with me first to help you along the right path to becoming truly organized. It’s a process…and we can go through it together. We’ll get to the core reason(s) for your clutter, without judgement, and figure out what will work best for you, your current lifestyle, and better yet…the lifestyle you want to obtain (that’s the best part!).

There are two main reasons I absolutely LOVE being a Professional Organizer:

  • Organizing is in my blood and when I’m organizing time just seems to fly by
  • I know other people aren’t as “thrilled” as I am about organizing and I love to help them simplify and organize their lives!

Well, if you’ve seen my introductory video on my About page or read more than you probably ever wanted to know about a Professional Organizer on my TMI page, then you know I’m a Professional Organizer based in San Antonio, Texas.  Yet because I’m also an organization and productivity blogger I get contacted from people all over the world!  You know what? In a typical month I have readers from 60-70 countries visit my blog and I get lots of questions!  For a gal from San Antonio that sounds kinda crazy!  But like I said, I love to help people change their lives…so it seemed starting a Virtual Organization and Consulting Service was a great way to help people from all over, right?  So now we can team up no matter where you are!

As long as you can use a phone, or better yet Skype, FaceTime, or Google+ Hangouts, we can get to know one another, review your goals, and set out with a real plan of action!  So let’s get started!

Once you purchase either a Virtual Organizing Package or a By The Hour Consultation securely through the PayPal links below, you’ll automatically be forwarded to a form on my site that you’ll fill out with your contact information, etc. I’ll contact you and together we’ll work out the best time to get started, and what form of communication works best for you. It’s that simple! If you don’t have a PayPal account, no worries…you can use any major credit card on PayPal’s site.

If you have any questions before your purchase, feel free to email me and we’ll get them answered.

We offer three Virtual Organizing Packages to meet your needs. Each package includes:

  • A 30-minute initial assessment via Phone/Skype/FaceTime/Google+
  • A personalized Action Plan developed by Get Simplifized to meet your specific needs
  • Another 30-minute consultation to discuss the plan and prep for execution
  • 60-, 120-, or 180-minute session to implement the plan and discuss the way ahead
  • 7-day email consultation window for follow-up questions/answers

We also offer “By the Hour Consultation” based on our clients’ unique needs.  We’re your expert for:

  • General organizing advice
  • Productivity advice
  • Idea discussion and evaluation
  • Pre-project planning for home and business
  • Organizing “best practices” queries
  • Freeform discussion


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Package Options

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