Simple Life Together 250x250Today I’m sharing with you links to our most recent podcast episodes of Simple Life Together…a podcast I co-host with my husband, Dan.  Our show has been going so strong…we’ve got listeners from around to globe learning to how they can live a simple life in the modern world.

If you’re fed up with trying to keep up with the Joneses and being slaves to your possessions then I encourage you to check us out at Simple Life Together.  Together Dan and I are changing our own lives by simplifying and focusing on our priorities….and our listeners are too!

Click on any of the episodes below to see what we’re all about…we hope you’ll join us!!!

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SLT Episode 025: Someday Isn’t On The Calendar and An Interview With Kerry Reifel of The Simple Year

  • In this episode Dan and I do a joint topic and then share an interview we had with Kerry Reifel of  The Simple Year
  • Our joint topic was about how “someday” usually never happens because it’s not on the calendar.  We discuss our personal story about show we ditched the “someday” dreaming to start this podcast!
  • We also talk about how successful the podcast has been and possible next steps to develop our community of listeners.
  • The second half of our podcast is our awesome interview Kerry Reifel  of The Simple Year who blogged about her journey to not buy anything new for 1 year!  We talked to her on her actual 1year anniversary of her journey/blog and how it affected her  and her thoughts on our consumer society.

SLT Episode 024: Simplicity Can Be Complicated and Tackling Piles of Paper with a Smile

  • Dan starts off with a thought-provoking commentary about how it seems that a good portion of society has given up or lost their way when it comes to choices they make.
  • In a consumer society filled with advertisements and promises to make your life better, we’ve subscribed to these false promises…essentially voiding our decision making abilities.
  • But you can make a difference by exercising your ability to make responsible choices in life that are in line with your values.
  • He offers advice on things to be aware of…things to question…like the FDA and  television and internet ads.
  • Paper is the number one complaint of my clients.  No wonder since we’re inundated with it on a daily basis!
  • I offer tips in this episode on how to create a plan, stop the flow of incoming papers and create an Action File that will tame the papers you do keep to take action on later.

SLT Episode 023: Simplicity Traps and “There’s An App for That”

  • I start off this episode with a little role reversal.  Dan usually discusses tech tips but I actually stepped in to share some of my favorite iPhone and iPad apps with our listeners.
  • Dan talks about simplicity traps…things that promise to make your life easier but just take up too much time or space.
  • He talks about things like unitaskers….items that only perform one function…like apple corers, strawberry stem pullers, tomato slicers and avocado pit removers.  There’s actuall a smaller and just as funtional of a tool…it’s called a knife! He also warns of digital unitaskers like single function apps.
  • He wraps up with being cautious about productivity programs.  Some offer to make your life so much easier but just trying to do the programs step by step end up making life more complicated or you end up spending all your time managing the program instead of getting things done!

SLT Episode 022: Life’s Spam Filter and Simplicity for A Lifetime

  • In this episode Dan has an amazing commentary about how simplicity is a lot like his spam folder on his email account. Simplicity acts as a filter for all the junk that enters our lives.
  • He states that simplicity protects us in our everyday lives from the false promises of more, better, bigger and  limited time offers.
  • Simplicity allows us to filter out much of the negative and focus on the positive….to hgive us the latitude to channel our effort, energy, finances, times and emotions on all that we’ve deemed important to us in out life plan.
  • I talk about how I recently worked with a client who was handling the estate of a hoarder and how difficult it is to deal with emotionally and financially.
  • I go on to talk about how these situations can help put your own life in perspective and offer some ideas on how you can deliberately live your life and potentially alleviate a lot of heartache and pain.

SLT Episode 021: Menu Bar Apps, Browser Extensions and Helping Others Edit and Organize

  • In this episode Dan talks about all the many cool menu bar apps that he uses on his Mac like, Text Expander, Dropbox, Evernote, ScreenFloat, etc. that help make life a little bit easier working on his computer and can help you too.
  • He also talks about browser extensions that gives your browser more functionality than just web-surfing.  He uses extensions for 1Password, Google Voice, Evernote Web Clipper, SpeedDial2, just to name a few.
  • I talk about how editing our own garage together was very similar to how I encourage clients to work together in their own homes and spaces.  I give tips on ways to make the process easier such as: respect for one another, leadership by example, starting small and having good communication.

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