Nefertiti or Lazy Susan…Who Stacks Up?

by Vanessa Hayes

in Around the House,Organizing

Five thousand years ago the Egyptians built the Great Pyramids at Giza….and they’ve been standing ever since. Yet when I stack my medicine bottles the exact same way, they always come crashing down. Hmmm….maybe it’s time for a new technique!

Always on the prowl for a better way to organize, I stumbled across an idea on the internet.   A turn table….aka: a lazy susan.  I use one for my spices and I’ve seen others use them on their dining tables….why the heck didn’t I think to use them elsewhere?

So, I picked up a couple of inexpensive turn tables (there are some pretty pricy ones but I was more concerned about function, not aesthetics) and decided to use them for my vitamins and medicines, as well as in my refrigerator.  I love them!  No more crashing pyramids of medicine bottles or sifting through a bunch of condiments to get to that bottle of mustard stuck in the back of the fridge.  What do you think? Maybe you’ll give it a try too!  I may even get one for my toiletries and keep it under my bathroom sink. Ooooo…I’m excited!

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