How To Organize Your Medicine and Vitamins

by Vanessa Hayes

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Don’t you hate it when you get sick and you can’t find your cough medicine? Or what about when your allergies start acting up and you grab your Zyrtec out of your medicine cabinet only to discover that it’s expired? Man, I hate that!!!! Well don’t fear, check out my latest video where I show you how to organize your medicines and how to organize your vitamins. Just follow three simple steps so that you can easily find your medicines or vitamins and be better able to “kick the ick!”

1. SORT: The first step is to sort and organize your medicines and your vitamins. I keep medicines (over-the-counter medicines and prescription medications) apart from my vitamins because I like to be extra careful with them because of dosing concerns and to avoid any confusion that might result in mixing them or misidentifying them.

2. CONTAIN: The best containers to organize your medicines and vitamins are bins, turntables and ziplocs. Bins are probably the best because you can easily grab a whole bin when you’ve got a lot of bottles to get out at one time.

3. MAINTAIN: When it comes to maintaining your medicines and vitamins think labeling, expiration dates, safety and record keeping.

  • Labeling: Use a label maker to label your bins or turntables. Also consider labeling the top of your medicine jars with the name    of who it belongs to to make it just a little easier to differentiate who’s drugs are who’s.
  • Expiration dates: Expiration dates are so hard to read and we almost never look for them. Take a sharpie and write the month and year (example: Exp: 4/13) on the front of the bottles where you can’t miss it when you open it.
  • Safety: Keep your medicines, vitamins, and supplements high on a shelf and out of the reach of children and ALWAYS make sure the caps on the bottles are twisted back on tight! Some vitamins and supplements can be just as dangerous as prescription/non-prescription meds, so don’t take chances.
  •  Record Keeping: Create a list of all the medications you are on to include name, dosage amounts, and any other special notes or precautions. Keep the list inside your medicine bin, in your wallet and saved on your computer or the cloud (Evernote) so you can update it.

So, don’t wait! With kids in school and the change of weather, that never ending supply of communicable diseases is gearing up to invade you and your family!  So don’t wait for a counter attack. Do a preemptive strike and get your medicines and vitamins organized!

Last thing…this is organizing advice not medical advice, so it should go without saying that if your doctor or pharmacist gives you special instructions about medicine, vitamin or supplement storage then follow their advice. There…I said it! 🙂

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