Field Notes: Client Success Story…Decision Making Key To Organizing Garage

by Vanessa Hayes

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I recently worked with a client where she asked me to help her organize her garage.  At first glance the garage didn’t seem too bad, but there were a lot of boxes to go through and things appeared to be randomly put on shelves without any thought or organization. I asked her how her garage got to the state it was in and she simply stated she was getting too old to organize it herself.  She also admitted, she honestly had no idea where to start, what to do and how to make decisions on organizing her things. Well, I assured her she had nothing to worry about…that’s what I was there for.




So, in just a few short hours we sorted, purged, cleaned, loaded up her donations and organized her entire garage.  I was astonished with how much we accomplished since garages are usually an all-day or multiple-day project and I was working alone.   Although her garage wasn’t packed to the roof, looks can be deceiving and those Tupperware boxes can hold a lot of stuff (which equal a lot of decisions to make).  I honestly thought it would take a lot longer, especially after what the client said about having difficulty making decisions.  NOT SO!  Let me tell you…I was moving and working fast but the real credit goes to the client.

You see, the key to this project was that the client was in the  right mindset.  She made quick decisions on everything deciding what to KEEP, TOSS or DONATE.  As a matter of fact, the client got rid of more than she kept and we didn’t need to buy a single organizing product….she had everything she needed!  Sure, there were plenty of sentimental items that we came across but in her own words the client realized, “Yes these are special but if they’ve been out here this long and I haven’t missed them, I guess I can part with them.” Oh was that music to my ears!

It was the client’s decision making and her willingness to let go of items that helped us successfully organize her garage.  And how do I define “success” in this project?  By quickly completing the job and saving the client money.  Oh…and did I mention the client’s garage still looks great, she loves it, feels as if a weight has been lifted off her shoulders, is spending more time than ever in it and is no longer embarrassed to keep her garage door up.  That works for me!




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Teri Hardman December 15, 2010 at 6:07 PM

Super job Vanessa!

Vanessa Hayes December 15, 2010 at 7:20 PM

Thanks! It was awesome organizing this garage. The client was wonderful and made my job easy!

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