Top 5 Uses for Your Cell Phone Camera

by Vanessa Hayes

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Almost all of us have a cell phone with a camera these days…but even if you don’t have a smart phone and access to all the cool apps available, you can still do an aweful lot just with the camera that comes with your phone. Here are my Top 5 uses for your cell phone camera:

Number 5: Use it to check your look! When you don’t have a mirror handy and you need to check your make-up, your hair, or what have you, taking a self-portrait can help save you a little embarrassment

Number 4: When you’re traveling in another city, take a shot of your hotel, room number, and an intersection near your hotel to ensure you can find your way back. This is especially helpful when traveling abroad and trying to tell your cabbie where to take you. Trust me, it beats carrying a homing pigeon!

Number 3: Still not using an app like Grocery Gadget? Well, if you write a few things down you can easily take a pic of your list for quick trips to the store. And here’s a bonus to #3…using your cell camera is great for snapping prices for comparison shopping

Number 2: Cell phones are pretty good for capturing screenshots you need to refer to later. Say you’re using Google maps for directions, you can maximize the image and take a pic or two so you’ll have the directions in your phone.

Now, my Number 1 tip for using your cell phone camera to make your life easier is (drumroll please…) Remember where you parked! Snap a picture of the parking level and slot number and you’ll never have to yell “Dude, where’s my car?” again!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well it’s worth the little bit of effort to take a picture and save yourself lots of time and frustration too. And here’s a bonus tip…don’t take pictures of anything you’ll regret later! Remember, the old saying…”what happens in Vegas, stays on Facebook.”

That’s it…hope this helps. Don’t forget to pass it on. Check me out on Twitter @GetSimplifized and on


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Kathy Ruesch Harris January 11, 2011 at 6:18 AM

Just wanted to let you know that I used this quick tip the other day when I had to park the car at the hospital on base. After driving around in circles for 10 minutes I would have never figured out where I parked if I hadn’t taken a picture of the section and row! Thanks again!

Vanessa Hayes January 11, 2011 at 7:09 AM

Awesome! I love when technology is simple and effective. Remembering where I parked by using my cell phone camera is definitely one of my favorite tips!!!!

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