Need A Break? Why Not Try A Staycation? Yes…A Vacation At Home!

by Vanessa Hayes

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Have you ever needed a break but didn’t want to spend a fortune to get away? Well, there’s is a way to take a break without breaking the bank. It’s called a staycation. It’s a little vacation that you take from home. Instead of worrying about traveling and flying to a new place, a staycation encourages you to stay at home and check out the sites of your own town or city. You can go to a play, visit a museum, eat at new restaurants, take breaks to just read, walk around downtown, take a stroll in a park, get a pedicure or pamper yourself with a massage.  My husband and I recently took our own staycation here in San Antonio, Texas.  We asked my parents to watch our little girl for the weekend and set our sights on downtown San Antonio on the Riverwalk.  Now, I think staycations encourage you to stay in your own home, but I didn’t want to be distracted by house chores, the television or my computer, so we got a nice hotel on the Riverwalk.

The hotel was gorgeous!  Contemporary…modern…simple. Just our style.

Funny thing…the room looked a lot like our bedroom at home (can’t believe I’m showing you our bedroom…)

The first night we went out to eat and then headed to Durty Nelly’s on the Riverwalk…a small Irish pub with a rowdy piano player.  It’s been years since we’ve been there but it never disappoints!  I enjoyed two very delicious Guinness beers.

The next morning we took a stroll down Houston Street to get some coffee and discovered there was a parade going on to kick off the San Antonio Rodeo.  It started out with a longhorn cattle drive.  Let me tell you…them steers got some big ‘ole horns!

There were some beautifully dressed parade participants.

And we were just a short distance away from the Emily Morgan Hotel where we got married.

When the parade was over we hopped on VIA public transit (the city bus) and headed over to the Alamodome to check out the Boat and RV show. Why not?  There were some beautiful motorhomes…but for the life of me I can’t figure out why they are so darn expensive.  Think we ruled out RV living. We’re going to stick to living in the Hill Country on our land!!!

Exhausted from our RV adventure (smile) we headed back to the hotel for a two hour nap.  Yes, a nap!  Then we met up with some friends at Zinc, a quaint, quiet little bistro and wine bar.  Great food…great drinks…and great conversation!

After a wonderful evening with friends it was time to crash.  We woke the next morning and took a final look outside our hotel window of the Riverwalk.

And then it was off to the emergency room to tend to an ear infection and bad chest cold.  It’s all good though…I wouldn’t let a little case of the “ick” get in the way of my staycation!

It really was a great time. My husband and I had no appointments, no plans, no computers (except for our iPhones of course), and no other mission but to enjoy our city and each other.  It was our little retreat. An opportunity for us to discuss our dreams, our career and business aspirations and our goals for our future. Conversations we usually put on the back burner because we’re normally tending to day to day job and family obligations.

I highly encourage any of you looking to take a break, a mini-vacation or a chance to reconnect with your loved ones to consider kicking up your heels in your own hometown.  Get out of the house, get away from the chores, turn off the distractions and go spoil yourself!

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Kathy Ruesch Harris February 8, 2011 at 8:20 AM

Your weekend was wonderful for us too. Having the little one was an absolute joy especially since you and the love of your life were having a staycation!

Vanessa Hayes February 9, 2011 at 7:50 AM

We appreciated it very much!!!

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