How To Organize Your Bedsheets

by Vanessa Hayes

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It can be so frustrating when you open your linen closet to get a set of bedsheets out and you end up spending the next 10 minutes trying to decipher if the sheets you grabbed are for your full size, queen size or king size mattress. Instead of easily grabbing what you need, you end up making a bigger mess in the closet! Not fun.

Well, if you’re tired of dealing with that messy closet, you’ll want to check out this video where I show you a few different ways on how to organize your bedsheets. Some things I show you are:

1. How to label your bedsheets so you can find the right size bedsheets that your’re looking for. This tip has a bonus because not only will you be able to identify what size sheets you have…but you’ll have a much easier time figuring out which end of the fitted sheet goes on the foot of the bed! Trust me (and get your Sharpie ready)!

2. Three ways on how to organize your bedsheets that are in sets. If you like to keep your bedsheet sets together, you can organize them decoratively with some pretty ribbon…or easily using a pillow case or an awesome oversized Ziploc to contain them. I got the oversized Ziploc idea from an assistant organizer and I have to say…I LOVE IT!

3. How to contain those random sheets and pillowcases we seem to collect. Did I just say “contain?” Of course I did! I always do because using containers is one of the key principles in organizing. I actually use bins to contain my sheets but you could use drawers or shelf dividers too.

Now, there is one last tip that I mentioned but didn’t demonstrate in the video. It’s how to fold a fitted sheet. I did a blog post on this awhile back and lemme tell you….it saved my sanity when folding a fitted sheet! You have to check it out!

So, are you ready to tame your bedsheets in your linen closet?  Well get to it and check out the video. And please feel free to share any tips you have on how you organize your bedsheets!


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Jon Sam March 5, 2014 at 4:00 PM

My hubby just painted my walls and cabinets where the sheets go….I will be putting them away that way! Thank you!!

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