Corral Those Missing Socks From Your Laundry With This Laundry Quick Tip

by Vanessa Hayes

in Around the House,Organizing,Quick Tip Videos

Puzzled by all those missing socks? You swear you’ve put all the pairs in the washer but as the day goes on and as you fold each load, somehow you’ve ended up with about 3-4 lonely socks. Some get stuck to the washer’s wall during the spin cycle, some get stuck in other clothes in the dryer, and some…well, who really knows how those socks go missing. So what do you do? Do you head straight to every room and rummage through the sock drawers? No! Don’t do that! Try corralling all of your socks into a small bin, basket or hanger and keep it right in your laundry room or wherever you fold laundry. This way, all of your missing socks are kept in one place and all you have to do when you come across another missing sock is check the bin, basket, or hanger for the missing pair. It’s a simple concept and it works. It has especially come in handy with my toddler’s teeny, tiny, itty, bitty socks!

So, check out this quick tip on how I use a hanger to corral my missing socks and give it a try.

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