How to Travel With Electronics

by Vanessa Hayes

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I don’t know about you, but did you ever think you’d have to pack a separate bag on trips just to hold all of your electronics and gadgets? Sheesh…I mean it’s enough just traveling with electronics like your cell phones, digital readers, Mp3s, laptop, surge protectors, cameras and gaming toys…let alone all the extra batteries, power cords, memory cards and games too!  And how the heck do you tell one power cord from the next? It’s crazy!

Well, if you know what I’m talking about and have experienced the same pain as I have, well…you have to check out this video on how to travel with electronics and gadgets. I show you how to control the chaos in just three easy steps. Yup…just three simple tips that’ll keep you from tossing all those electronics, gadgets and cords in the trash!

1. Wind up all your cords. This is a must if you don’t want to spend an hour detangling them all. I suggest using the Figure 8 method of winding up the cord or using some sort of fastener like a twist tie, rubber band, or my personal favorite…a velcro strip.

2. Label all of your electronics, gadgets and components.  You’ll want to label batteries, power cords and even the electronics and gadgets themselves to know what belongs to who (this is especially helpful if you’ve got kids with the same types of phones or gaming systems).

3. Contain your gadgets.  Plastic baggies work great because you can separate different components in the different baggies and label the outside of the bags.  You can also use other small bags like toiletry bags.  Or…you can try this awesome electronics and gadget organizer called the Grid It by Cocoon.  It’s one of my favorite organizing products!  It stores your electronics and gadgets nice and neat…and securely keeps them in place.  You’ve got to see the video to see how cool it is!

Believe me, these 3 steps will make traveling with electronics so much easier! Do you have any cool tips on how to organize and travel with your electronics (besides the obvious answer of cutting back on the amount you have)?  I’d love to hear your ideas or what you think about this video.  Until next time…happy tech travels to you!

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