Scarves Have You All Tied Up? 4 Simple Ways To Organize Your Scarves

by Vanessa Hayes

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In this video I show you a few ways that you can organize your scarves.  Sure…you could just throw them all in a bin but that’s too easy.  Why not organize those pretty accessories nicely so that you can see them, appreciate them, and actually wear them since you’ll know what you have!  Seriously, there actually are better ways to organize your scarves so that they’re not all twisted and tied up in a jumbled mess in you dresser drawers!

So, I’m going to show you 4 different ways that  you can store and organize your scarves.:

1. You can use a tiered pant hanger (this works ok…but not exactly my favorite) or…

2.  Fold or roll them up and file them in a drawer or a bin (works well for bulky scarves…not so much for dainty ones) or…

3. Hang them on hooks on a wall or on the back of a door (my personal favorite)…or

4. Install a towel rod on a wall in your room or closet and hang them there (my second favorite)!

Check out the video and see how easily you can store and organize your scarves too.  And if you have a unique way of storing your scarves….PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  share!  Yes, I’m pretty organized and every once in awhile I can be creative…but there are waaaaaaay more creative people out there than me. Don’t be shy and share your ideas!  Thanks so much!

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