30+ Uses For Binder Clips…They’re Not Just For The Office Anymore

by Vanessa Hayes

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Oh the good ole binder clip.  Who knew it could be used for so much more than just “binding” a few papers together? They come in different types and sizes…and more uses than you can imagine. I couldn’t believe what I found when I did a simple search on the google machine. I swear there’s an underground binder clip movement that’s sweeping the nation!  Haven’t heard of it? Well, just check out these links below to see what I mean. I’ve even included a couple of pix on how I use them myself.

Lifehacker: Give them a piece of equipment, a computer app, an idea, or anything for that matter and they’ll hack the hell out of it for ya!  These folks are dedicated to all things hacking (legally I think…smile).

Funny or Die Blog: My favorite is the beer stacker.  Hey…they’ve got their priorities!

Wise Bread: Simple…frugal…smart.

Apartment Therapy: Who knew they could be decorative?

Fancy House Road: For the crafty-type.

The Clutter Diet: A practical take from a leading professional organizer.

And my personal favorite uses…

To keep cone-shaped coffee filters together.

My husband discovered this.

To save my spot when pulling out files from a filing cabinet.

To keep wrapping paper together.

My friend and dedicated GS reader, Lisa introduced me to this great idea!

To hold my daughter’s cape together.

Or…to hold her makeshift Diva dress in place!

The binder clip is in the back keeping the blanket...err...dress in place.

Do you have a cool use for binder clips?  Send me a picture or drop me a line at vanessa@getsimplifized.com.  Would love to see and hear your ideas!

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